About us



Aluminios y Montajes Cabrerizo S.L. is a company from Soria that has been offering solutions in the field of metalwork for more than 30 years, always prioritizing quality in order to achieve the final satisfaction of our customers.

The origins of the company go back more than 30 years ago, when the founder began working as an installer for other Soria companies. After 10 years dedicated to this work, the company took a step forward to move to the manufacture and installation of all types of metal carpentry. From the beginning, when only materials manufactured by other companies in Soria were placed, the entire manufacturing process was carried out following quality standards ACCORDING to ISO 9001 and with the CE marking.

In 2001, the Montajes Cabrerizo S.L. and since then the company has continued to grow both in the workforce, reaching the 11 workers it currently has, and in the facilities, with a warehouse that occupies about 1900 square meters.



Our forecasts include continuing to increase the number of workers in order to reach a greater number of customers and continue developing quality products. In this sense, we have expanded our range of products betting on quality and the introduction of new, more efficient materials from the energy point of view.

At Aluminios Cabrerizo we offer high added value solutions. Our team of highly qualified professionals advise with their technical knowledge to offer advanced support from the early stages of product development.



For our company, the quality of our products is fundamental, for this reason we have several certifications that certify it. Specifically, we have been certified by AENOR uninterruptedly since 2008 and in January we will be certified in the ISO 14000 Environmental Standard.

We also have the CE marking, whose main objective of the marking is to declare the conformity of the product with all the community requirements imposed on the manufacturer by the European Directives and which are accredited with the CE marking.

The CE marking guarantees the free movement of all construction products in the European Union, through the harmonization of national laws relating to the essential requirements of products in terms of health, safety and well-being.

It is a technical passport that is applied to a product indicating its conformity with the harmonized part of the European Standard EN that corresponds to it. This means that the product can be marketed throughout the EU, but it must be verified that the product meets the requirements of the place of use, for example the requirements of the Technical Building Code in the case of Spain.